Friday 4 January 2013

I am planning a retreat  called ‘ Learning to see- a retreat to Awakening the Aesthetic Awareness’ at Nilambur from 20th   Feb to 24th  Feb 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday).
Link to the last years event is .

This retreat is in a way the culmination of my work related to recovering authenticity, originality in terms of aesthetic sensibility and cognitive process.
This has been developed from my past 20 odd years of work (learning from) with artisans and children. (,, )

Two parallel explorations I have been engaged has been to understand how we have been damaged – homogenized, cloned, de skilled, fragmented, alienated- by the modern education and other conditioning institutions and tools– market, hospitals, TV, news etc. and how as a biological organism born with tools to make sense of its world understands it and inhabit.
School prepares us for processing and storing information by excessive importance given to memorization and development of conscious and instrumentalist reasoning. These two skills seems to be incapable of perception, creativity which is what is required in the realm of unknown.

This 5 day workshop do not claim to solve any of that but would probably initiate a journey towards that end.
I am attaching the flyer and registration form about the event.
Kindly pass this on to any one who would be interested in attending the event.


Last june (2011) I also started an initiative near Pune called re imagining schools which is to work with a school to totally redesign the very concept of school. See the link . The intense engagement with children and exploring cognition has helped me with new insights on experience.

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